Vitalii Guzeev

Release: dbmonitor-0.1.0

Aug 08, 2022

Initial release of a tool. See

This is a database consistency monitoring tool with Telegram alerts. See README on hackage.

Its most advanced feature is a hot swap of any checks and configuration files. Key dependencies: async, fsnotify, hasql, telegram-bot-simple.

Several usage scenarios I have in mind:

  1. DBA or QA engineer uses corporate vpn and has direct access to production or staging database from his working machine. He can install dbmonitor, set it up for required databases, run it (Unix-like systems case) via dbmonitor > .monitor.log & and add line @reboot dbmonitor > .monitor.log to crontab. After that if he has some suspicion he can add new check and he will instantly start to receive alerts. It can be useful to find bugs related to incorrect program termination or lack of ACID guarantees.
  2. Same setting as 1. on a local machine of responsible developer who want to perform long-term testing of corner cases before opening merge request.
  3. In MCCME we use it on a Kubernetes pod in a docker container. Hence we do not use hot swap feature, but instrument still works for its purpose and gains persistence, however is not as convenient in usage as in case 1. We (credits to Egor Kuzmichev) provide docker image suitable for this scenario.

I appreciate any feedback here and in issues.