Vitalii Guzeev

This is my personal site, focused on my professional and close to professional activity.

I used to study biology, software engineering and mathematics. Mostly the last. I work as engineering manager/software architect and try to maintain my mathematical skills and ability to read papers in fields of my interest. I remember some biology on a level of good general culture with some more deep parts.

My current interests intersect with:

Please visit links page of this website to see some selection of my background and current activity in more detail.

I also welcome you in my blog. I write these texts mostly in order to reflect on professional experience, polish understanding of some things or share some mathematical path. I almost do not take actions on their propagation apart from sending links to interested friends and colleagues and having an RSS feed. If you managed to find it and have something to say (fix me, ask me etc.), please don’t hesitate to do it in issues of the underlying Github repo or using contacts written on the links page.

Texts here are formally licensed. In essense – use as you wish but provide reference. I do not control usage of these texts though, so it’s a matter of politeness. Warning: I edit everything here, any post can be seriously changed over time as my views update. If you want to refer to specific fixed version, please refer with respect to commit history.